Empowering and Disempowering Beliefs

The conscious and subconscious minds have to work together in harmony in order to accomplish anything (dreams). When two shall agree, it shall be done for them. It is not really our conscious thoughts that create our reality but it is our subconscious beliefs. Remember man never give birth, only a woman can create life. So our subconscious mind is feminine in nature unlike the conscious one which is masculine in nature.
It’s our subconscious mind only which makes our belief a reality but who drives it, yes you’re right, it is the conscious mind.

Hey, don’t get worry about those messages which sometimes passively has been imposed on our subconscious mind. Since it is feminine in nature it will bring forth them to our conscious mind and will ask for approval and we can allow it to continue its effect or reject it. So remember that decision making is in hands of masculine and success goes there where there is harmony between the two. To achieve dreams a man should behave like a man(able to make right decisions) and a woman should behave like woman (to give birth).

A woman (Subconscious mind) seeks to submit herself to a dominant man (Conscious mind) and on regular intervals keep testing his dominance and leadership skills. If man’s will power is weak that he is not able to decide on his own and can’t lead. What woman will do? She will submit her to another man then the result would be hell. That would be a kid called disempowering belief. But if she won’t submit herself to another man as his own man is strong in decision making and dominant, she will give birth to empowering belief.

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Hello Tensai Ashish,
It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time. I appreciated this inspirational story.
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